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1. Формула расчета морального вреда. Тариф на страдания. Верховный суд разработал таблицу для расчета выплат за причинение морального вреда » читать

2. Что полезно знать, взаимодействуя с органами государственной власти » читать

3. Что полезно знать, взаимодействуя с судом » читать

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What is useful to know, cooperating with bodies of the government:

- if you have decided to address in body of the government with the application, or the claim I recommend to send it by a mail with a notice, or by internet. It is also possible to address in office of the appropriate organization directly but then on your copy put a stamp about taken the document by office. Such document further will be the proof of your reference in body of the government, for example, in case of occurrence of proceeding. - According to the Law from May, 2, 2006 « About the order of consideration of references of citizens of the Russian Federation » citizens have the right to address personally and also to direct individual and collective references to the state bodies, institutions of local government and to officials. - The written reference of the citizen should contain the following data: • the name of the state body or institutions of local government to which directs the written reference, or a surname, a name, a patronymic of the appropriate official, or a post of the appropriate person, • a surname, a name, a patronymic, the post address on which should be directed the answer, • essence of the offer, the application or the complaint, • the personal signature of the applicant and date. • In case of need documents and materials, or their copies confirming reasons of the applicant. - The citizen has the right to address with the complaint to actions or the decisions breaking his right and freedom, to higher by way of subordination to the state body, institutions of local government, establishment, the enterprise or association, public association, the official, the civil servant. - It is forbidden to direct the complaint to consideration to the state body, institutions of local government or to the official, the decision or which action will be appealed. For example, if you will appeal against actions of regional Office of Public Prosecutor the complaint moves in city Office of Public Prosecutor. - The written reference which has arrived in the state body, institutions of local government or to the official according to their competence, is considered within 30 days from the date of registration of the written reference. Only in unusual cases, the head of the state body or institutions of local government, the official have the right to prolong term of consideration of the reference, but no more than for 30 days, having notified about prolongation of term the citizen who has directed the reference. - If the citizen has decided to address directly in court the complaint moves under the discretion of the citizen in court in a place of his(her) residence, or in court on the location of body, association, the official, the civil servant.

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