2019-12-28 Новая услуга - юридическое сопровождение и организация лечения в Германии » далее

2019-12-28 Завершено еще одно гражданское дело о некачественном оказании медицинской помощи в процессе родов, в результате чего наступила инвалидность ребенка, а впоследствии смерть. С родильного дома в пользу матери и отца ребенка будет взыскано 2,5 миллиона рублей » далее

2019-12-28 Тариф на страдания. О расчете компенсации морального вреда. Смотрите в разделе "Советы" » далее

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1. Формула расчета морального вреда. Тариф на страдания. Верховный суд разработал таблицу для расчета выплат за причинение морального вреда » читать

2. Что полезно знать, взаимодействуя с органами государственной власти » читать

3. Что полезно знать, взаимодействуя с судом » читать

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Вопрос: I want to address in court with the claim to the legal person about return of the automobile, penalty and indemnification of moral harm. I have got the automobile which appeared with serious defect. I have demanded from the seller to remove this defect, or to take away the automobile and to return me money back, but they have refused. Whether I can expect for positive issue of a suit?


Unfortunately, you have not specified, in what « essential defect » consists, and it has basic value for the decision of a question. Court will  satisfact  the claim if you can prove out that  lacks of the automobile are really essential. According to an item. 18 Laws « About protection of rights of consumers » in the relation of technically complex goods (and the automobile is technically complex good) the consumer in case of detection in it essential defects has the right to refuse of execution of the contract of sale and purchase and to demand to return of the sum paid for such goods or to claim the replacement of  goods of same mark (model, the article) or on the same goods of other mark (model, the article) with the appropriate recalculation of a purchase price within fifteen days from the date of transfer to the consumer of such goods. After the expiration of this term the specified claims are subject to satisfaction in one of the following cases: Detection of essential lack of the goods; Infringement of the terms of elimination of lacks of the goods established by the present Law; Impossibility of use of the goods within each year of a warranty period in aggregate more than thirty days owing to numerous elimination of its various lacks. Your requirement about payment of the penalty is subject to satisfaction. According to an item 13 of the Law « About protection of rights of consumers » requirements of the consumer about payment of the penalty are subject to satisfaction by the executor, the seller, the authorized organization or the authorized individual businessman, the importer  in the voluntary order. At satisfaction court also can award a penalty to the executor, the seller, the authorized organization or the authorized individual businessman, the importer for non-observance in the voluntary order of satisfaction of claim at a rate of fifty percents from the sum, awarded court for the benefit of the consumer. As to moral harm the question should be solved in view of concrete circumstances of a case, however the opportunity of compensation of moral harm is stipulated by the law. The size of compensation of moral harm is determined by court and does not depend on the size of compensation of property harm. Indemnification of moral harm is carried out irrespective of compensation of property harm and the losses suffered by the consumer ».