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Services given by the lawyer:

Protection of rights of clients in case of rendering of poor-quality medical aid.

Compensation of the damage caused as a result of medical mistakes.

Represantation in courts of the general jurisdiction.

Represantation in Arbitration court of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Family disputes: divorce, disputes on children, section of property, collecting of the alimony.

Help in adoption of children

Tax disputes.

Housing disputes.

Protection of rights of consumers.

Legal support of investments.

Legal audit of the enterprises and the organizations.

Orders to the lawyer

The legal aid is given on the basis of the Federal Law About lawyer activity and legal profession in the Russian Federation 2002, the Code of a professional etiquette of the lawyer of 2003, and also on the basis of the Contract about rendering of a legal aid to the physical or legal person. In more detail about interaction with the lawyer look in section "Useful".