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The lawyer of Lawyer Chamber of

In 1992-1997 years - a faculty of law of the St.-Petersburg state university.

C 1992 for 1997 - the legal adviser of the commercial organization.

In 1997 - the head of a department of the company engaged in rendering of legal and economic services.

Since 2003 a member of Lawyer chamber of Saint Petersburg, registration number 78/2023 in the register of lawyers of Saint Petersburg.

Lawyer practice: conducting criminal, civil and arbitration, representation of interests of legal persons in the Russian Federation and in distant foreign countries: Estonia, Denmark, Sweden (the Stockholm arbitration court). English - is free, Deutsch - B2.

In 2002 - special preparation in the International bank institute on anti-recessionary management.

In 2005 - the master's thesis in Institute of the state and the right of the Russian academy of sciences, in Moscow. The investment right. The candidate of jurisprudence.

The important feature of personal lawyer practice - a wide experience of protection of clients rights of the injured of rendering a poor-quality medical aid. (PhD)

If in front of  you there are legal problems you have two variants of active actions:

to address to the lawyer for the professional help.

to solve these problems independently, without the help of lawyers.

If you have decided to resort to the help of the lawyer, on page 3 of this site get acquainted to main principles of interaction with a lawyer), and also with other participants of the sanction of legal problems: court, Office of Public Prosecutor, police and the state authorities.

If you decide to operate independently you can be helped nevertheless by the advice placed on pages of this site.