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Questions and answers

1. I have concluded the contract on purchase of an apartment. So there were circumstances, that I was compelled to address in court with the claim about a recognition of mine property on this apartment. I have submitted the claim in the court of the place, where the contract was concluded. The judge has returned to me the claim on the ground that jurisdiction is determined incorrectly. Whether I can appeal against actions of the judge? »

2. The Court has obliged my son who lives together with me to pay the big sum of money on account of compensation of the damage caused to him. Having stuck has seized property on our home address, including on my property. What can I do? »

3. I want to address in court with the claim to the legal person about return of the automobile, penalty and indemnification of moral harm. I have got the automobile which appeared with serious defect. I have demanded from the seller to remove this defect, or to take away the automobile and to return me money back, but they have refused. Whether I can expect for positive issue of a suit? »

4. At my work the working conditions have essentially changed. I wanted to address in court and to challenge such change of conditions, but they told me, that we have commission on labour disputes, and I have no right to address at once in court, before it. Is it correct? »

5. I have addressed in court with the claim for an establishment of the fact of acceptance of the inheritance after died mother as I miss six-monthly term for the reference  to the notary behind opening of the inheritance. In the first trial my brother who also claimed for the inheritance has appeared. How the court will act, taking into account, what I miss term for acceptance of the inheritance? »